About Us

About us

Hirada Fabtech is a rapidly growing company, precision fabrication engineering and profile cutting company, manufacturing high quality components and products from a wide range of materials.

Three Cousin Brothers; Rushikesh Bhosale, Atish Bhosale and Dhanraj Kadam established Hirada Fabtech in mid 2012, after working in the industry for years. Rushikesh Bhosale is a mechanical engineer and worked at MNC in planning department. Atish Bhosale and Dhanraj Kadam started out as a design apprentice then moved into steel, fabrication and plasma cutting system. All three worked with each customer, from prototype development through to complete project managed manufacture. And have developed a reputation for reliability, quality and competitiveness.

Our prime work is of metal fabrication. Fabrication is the building of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes such as welding. And it is a value added process that involves the construction of machines and structures from various raw materials. With all type of welding machines and CNC turning lathe we are capable of doing all type of fabrication work and machining work.

Our years of experience in Fabrication work have led us to have a focused approach to our work which gives us the edge over other small/medium scale companies. Whatever the need be, general or high precision fabrication, our workers have the experience to source them.

After the company experienced rapid growth we quickly recognized the increasing role of new technologies resulting in us expanding into industrial plasma cutting, we also have a full CAD/CAM design office at our disposal. With our very own qualified team of designers working round the clock to ensure that the most complex and intricate shapes can be manufactured on tight deadlines.

Hirada Fabtech is diverse in the range of facilities and products that we can offer, to find out more contact one of our team member or go through our website.